Webster’s Dunkel

Webster’s Dunkel is now on tap for a limited time!

Webster’s Dunkel Tasting Notes:

Webster’s Dunkel, our very first lager, is based on the Munich Dunkel style. Dunkel means dark so the style is meant to be a clean lager with “dark” flavours. The nose on the dunkel is very light with hints of caramel and toffee. It has a candied apple like flavour on the body. It starts of as a bit of caramel and ends with a finish distinctly apple. Very light in body and very clean tasting. No noticeable bitterness, hop flavour and aroma are very light. Those looking for a clean beer with more flavour should enjoy the dunkel. The candy apple flavour is very playful with no hint of extra sweetness. And yes, that is our Brewmaster Patrick’s dog Webster.

%Alc = 5.0% IBU = 14 SRM = 21