Vintage Series : White Stout

Our Vintage Series White Stout is now on tap!

Clocktower White Stout Tasting Notes :

The White Stout is the first in the vintage series celebrating two decades of brewing. The first edition of the white stout came in 2011 as a short-lived summer seasonal. It popped up again in 2015 this time in the spring.

The White Stout is an original mash up of two different styles to create something fun and refreshing. It is a based on a traditional Wit beer, beer brewed with lots of wheat, oats, and infused with peach. The oats adds texture to the beer which highlights the fruity element.

The twist comes from the Stout part. Nitrogen is added to give creaminess and extra body. The tiny little bubbles that nitrogen imparts also help to bring the peach flavour to the surface first.

This a refreshing beer for the first warm days of the year!

ABV 4.4 SRM = 1.5 IBU = 15