Spring Bock

Spring Bock is now on tap for a limited time!

Spring Bock Tasting Notes:

Is Spring Coming Bock? Much like Ottawa weather Is Spring Coming Bock teases you in one direction and suddenly shifts. This clean golden ale is light and refreshing on first sip just like a warm spring day or random February days. Light cereal and bready aromas waft through the warm winter air. Unlike our weather, this bock is very easy to take. The twist just like that random snow storm is a flurry of alcohol, it comes in at 5.7% abv. Just high enough to help forget the slide to work and home. The higher alcohol presents as light fruity flavours and a slight warming after a few sips. Bocks are malt forward beer that are usually very clean. Is Spring Coming Bock is our unique homage to the Maybock style of beer.

%Alc = 5.7% IBU = 20 SRM = 14