CT Super Food Beer

CT Super Food Beer is now on tap for a limited time!

CT Super Food Beer Tasting Notes:

CT Super Food Beer is a nod to all those who resolve to eat better. The beer is bolstered by a line up of superfoods. The list includes: chia seeds, hemp, kale, blueberries, turmeric, flax, and quinoa. The beer pours a deep orange almost colour with a small amount of haze. On the nose there are hints of toffee and light fruit. The flavour is very complex. At first Superbeer presents with light toffee and light citrus notes. As it warms in the mouth, spicy flavours from the hops start to appear. It leaves the mouth with a light blueberry. The flavour is reminiscent of saison style. The added superfoods influence the beer by giving it a fuller, longer lasting head with a good degree of lacing.

%Alc = 5.4% IBU = 12 SRM = 9