CT Pumpkin Beer now on Tap!

The Clocktower Pumpkin 10th Anniversary Beer

CT Pumpkin Beer

The colour of the Pumpkin Ale is dark orange to amber, which makes it close to the colour of roasted pumpkin. The flavours and aromas in the beer are quite delicate. When it is left to simmer in the mouth for a moment or two, the distinct spice notes burst forth. The initial flavour is somewhat sweet, but that only lasts for a moment, as the taste of pumpkin and spice fill up the palate. It has very little after taste although it does leave a dry tingle on the tongue after the initial sip.

– The CT Pumpkin Beer is clean, easy to drink and will leave fans of hoppy beers satisfied.

– 38

– 5.4%

– 6

Hops used are Vic Secret from New Zealand and Newport hops from Tavistock, Ontario.