BEERISTA : Coffee Hopped Golden Ale

Brewed in collaboration with Equator Coffee Roasters.
Not your usual coffee beer!

The goal with this beer was to capture less of the roast and espresso flavours and more of the subtle tastes derived directly from the coffee beans. The Equator Ethopian Light beans used in the brew are a very mild roast with subtle hints of citrus, cardoman, and light chocolate.

In choosing to brew a Golden Ale we captured all of the natural flavour of the beans without interference from the beer itself. Rather than simply adding the coffee beans to the brew, we steeped the Equator coffee at the ideal extraction temperature for exactly the right amount of time, as dictated by Equator’s own chief coffee roaster.

The final result gave The BEERISTA light fruity notes with a mild coffee backing. Dark chocolate aromas are noticeable on the nose, which are balanced by the mild citrus and spice notes from the coffee. There is virtually no hop presence to allow the beans to take center stage.

Pop by the CT and perk up with a pint of BEERISTA today!

ABV = 5% IBU = 8 SRM = 6